Sunday, 26 June 2011

To the dust we shall return.

I don't believe in anything to do with the paranormal. Here's a brief list of things I don't believe in: ghosts, UFOs, psychics, nuns, etc. I'm not religious, I think Most Haunted is ridiculous and the closest I've come to an encounter with the undead was escorting Doug Ellis around my school once. However, something odd happened to me as a child. I was sitting in the living room on the phone to a friend, when suddenly a penny feel seemingly from out of nowhere and landed on the worn, red carpet. Completely baffled, I calmly (okay, so loudly and obnoxiously) tried to tell said friend about the fortean event I'd just experienced, but it was mostly me screeching 'A FUCKING PENNY JUST FROM AIR HIT FLOOR WHAT? YOU.. PENNY'. He didn't believe me, as he's sane.

I don't believe it emanated via a vortex from a parallel universe, I don't think it was a ghost playing tricks on me, but I don't know what the shit it was. There's a very good chance it's just my memory playing tricks on me and it actually fell from a shelf, but I vividly recall it just dropping out of nowhere, man. The only rational explanation is that someone glued it to the ceiling, but frankly, that's more insane than ghosts and ghoulies.

Have you ever had a paranormal experience? Ever had something happen that, even though you know it has to have a sensible explanation, you just can't come up with one? Tell me. Share your stories. Let me feast on your tales of ectoplasm and bumps in the night.

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