Sunday, 8 January 2012

Ignore this, it's for a writing project, I'm not actually going mad

It's been three nights since I went to the House and I haven't slept a wink sinc. I cant really keep going without slep. I keep seeing It. It has... shapes that aren't shapes. you know when you're tired and you wake up but you can't move and everything is... a bit wobbly? I have that. but I see It. I have the itch. I have to scratch.

you want to visit the house? i could give you the address. it's at [REMOVED] just follow the [REMOVED]. you probably don't wanna go aone though. there's nothing there that you casn hurt. it's inside you.'s light. LIGHT.

christ this is so crazy schizo cliche, but i can tell you, i ate the light. i ingested it and it ingested me. sometimes i can feel it pulsing under my arm asnd i wndwant to cut it out and share with you all. it'd blind you and take your face off but it'd be worth it

theres not so long now. not long for the itch.

i scratch and i scratch. and

you'll scratch too.
one day.